Saturday, February 26, 2011

WEEK 6 - L O K K A W I wildlife PARK ^___^

LOK KAWI wild life park at kota kinabalu SABAH..i go to this place when i have trip to SABAH with my friends.This places is far away from town kota kinabalu and its look like mini zoo for me because not so many animal had stay there and the environment are really comfortable. Its totaly fun to come here to see the animal habit in the morning. ^___^
Image below is the picture had been taken from me....

the peacock proud with the feathers

the hungry eagles


"good morning to me!"

sleep and sleep n sleep...

the orang utan are seen joking..

food in the morning

"its me..!!"

"what are you looking for..??"

OMG the animals was soo cute n really2 enjoy this trip..^__^


  1. ok menarik-tapi anda patut memberi tumpuan pada binatang yg paling istimewa di sini,berbanding zoo lain.mungkin orang utan..tungguaksi yg lebih menarik..

  2. salam...sbnrnye kat cni xbyk sgt binatang yg menarik n mungkin ade saye terlepas pndg...i will improve the next task encik..thx ^___^